Professional photographer for any occasion and event. Based in Devon UK.
Madrum on My Space.
Listen to the Voice presents simple but powerful techniques which enable the individual to listen more deeply to themselves and others, catalysed by the vehicle of sound.
The Naked Voice introduces you to a simple, effortless method of sound and voice, inspired by the music, rhythms, movement and wisdom traditions of East and West.
Debut Album of MADRUM-"SOMA".
Sufi music, poetry, workshops.
Heartfelt songs, from southwest trio; Surabhi (vocals), Adarsha (guitars), and Mike Edwards (cello).
An independent youth organization of up to 135 14 to 22-year-olds rehearsing and performing an 11-minute show playing various horns or percussion instruments, or spin flags, rifles, sabres, and other.
An open and free site allowing everybody to "add" and "view" green and holistic entries - everywhere in the UK.
Painting with earth pigments.
Eclectic singer and composer.Renowned for her evocative and unique voice.
The musical talents of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.
Promotes the art,craft and music network of the county.
Commissions sculptor.
Handmade drums made from natural materials.
Annual holistic festival in London.
tai chi and chi kung: devon, london, italy
Alternative style of disco - a barefoot boogie - 5 Rhythms influenced - dance your own dance. (No alcohol) Madrum have been guest performers.
Scottish singer-songwriter.