Madrum draws its inspiration from various musical traditions using sound and rhythm as a vehicle for authentic expression. Their work is infused with a sense of the sacred and reflects a deep longing. Music is seen as a form through which the inner landscape is brought into being.

Madrum is the musical partnership of Gavin Frank and Lawrence Kelson. They have a sensitive and considered approach to their work which produces a powerful and unique sound: yearning, lyrical, intoning and, at times, explosive. Emotion and passion are expressed in songs, soundscapes, chants and rhythm. They use combinations of voice, Indian harmonium, guitars, keyboard and sequencers, and a wide range of percussion instruments to reflect their interest in multi-cultural styles of music.

They started working together in 2001 when they were asked to provide music for a contemporary dance company. Over many months, with just voice, harmonium and drum, they explored the spontaneity of improvisation and began to experience a deeper quality of listening. Threads of a melody, a rhythm, or a felt sense long forgotten, found expression in a series of unfolding moments. It was a perfect arena for the preconceptions of music to dissolve and for an honest and authentic conversation in sound to start to take root.
Improvisation is usually included in a live set but the ideas for their structured pieces have often come while playing in this way.

Madrum's meticulous and professional approach to their live performances is attracting favourable attention from both audiences and sound crews. Their carefully crafted sound supports the delivery of the essence of each piece.

"The flawless pitch, intensity, and clarity of the vocals are met by powerful and perfectly placed percussion that provides a stunning and mesmerising feast for the senses. The sound of Madrum has a haunting and otherworldly quality, it reaches within you and stirs something oft forgotten."
Juliette Medder --- Sculptor