"I hope to order one of your CD's very soon...Thank you for contributing an interesting and therapeutic genre of music to the world."  
David Potembski

"Gavin Frank's vocals have a pure, choral quality to them that is juxtaposed to the very earthy sound of the percussion that Lawrence brings to the mix...
This is a great album to dance to as the exotic beat slips into the bloodstream...
This is a testament to the talent of these two pioneers in
spiritual music."  

"Marrakech is the atmospheric second album from Madrum; an exotic journey through highly charged sonic soundscapes. The title track begins with an insistent drum pattern emerging from cacophonous street sounds, conjuring up a bustling mark...et place filled with outlandish sights and sounds.....
The production on this album is second to none - everything is clear with different musical elements perfectly balanced in the stereo mix."    
Simon Barron - Musician

"You cannot help be moved by the raw and passionate feel of the songs; the integral and extraordinary drums and percussion fuse with Indian harmonium, guitars and sequencers to produce a sound that sweeps you away to the sultry Arabian nights". "This is ...a very successful fusion between East and West and is a must for any world music fan."
Muse Magazine Oct/Nov

"We met last year when you came to play for Marie's 5 Rhythms weekend. i had the great pleasure to hear your music at the Global Inspiration Conference in Barcelona. Many thanks for producing such inspiring music."
Luc Enaut

"Sooo beautiful! I just cant stop hearing the Marrakech CD! It's deeply resonating in me and my chest,my lungs, my heart, and my voice would love to join and answer. Thank you!"
Birgit Osterholt-PR Consultant & Passionate Dancer

"Your music. So raw, so honest, so beautiful. Love to you both x."
"I bought your album after seeing you performing and singing with you in your workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival earlier this year. One of my best purchases of the year!"
"Soma is a masterpiece of subtle, well crafted heartbreakingly beautiful songs,that moves something deep within the listener. This sacred vibrant music can not be recommended enough. A must for any record collection! Cant wait for their next release!"
Will Pimlett www.willpimlett.com
"Gavin/Lawrence, fabulous performance at Croydon Hall, you have a special talent that needs to be heard."
Andy Trevascus  
"I'm so deeply touched by your music! Merci beaucoup! ;-) Don't forget the desert-alarm-call... Hope to see you once on stage!" Hug & Biz, Nina
Nina --- desert-dancer
"I saw you perform at Quest this year. I was totally overwhelmed by your music...the honesty and clarity of your expression drew tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift."
Felix May --- musician
"Madrum performed a magical set on the main stage of the White Feather festival this year (2006). Truly haunting, the performance seemed to draw people from all corners of the festival site towards the stage. Madrum are totally original."
Andrea Thompson --- organiser of the White Feather Festival
"Wonderful sounds, fantastic drumming, Gavin's voice sounding brilliant, both your musicianship and enthusisasm really came across. I particularly enjoyed the diversity and complex textures that you manage to weave. Keep on making your wonderful music."
Simon Barron --- singer/songwriter
"Very good music and the drumming is the best bit."
Gary Kelson and Christopher Marsh  
"From elemental sound, raw rhythm, and the naked voice Madrum weave a new music, taking the listener on a journey. They look good, too!"
Jon Stein --- artist and musician
"Madrum come with a refreshingly clear, sincere range of spirited sounds; music that gently massages the heart and soul. These are sounds that plug you into the many frequencies of ethnic man. They then deliver rhythms that induce a kick ass urge to throw yourself about and DANCE!"
Sannah Miles  
"The sound of Madrum had me spellbound throughout their performance, Madrum needs to be listened to again, again, and again."
Dot Spink --- co-ordinator of RAW RAWA Benefit Cabaret
"Wordless, liquid music that calls you to joy."
Cathy McGavin --- life coach
"I love the very spiritual nature, clear sound and subject matter of the music, it is so poignant to our world now. At times it is truly ecstatic!"
Helena Matthews  
"The combination of their musical backgrounds has constellated a form of expression and a resonance of spirit that is healing and transformative for all who have ears to hear."
"Madrum expresses the soulful heart."
Chloe Goodchild --- international singer, voice teacher, author and performer.
"Your Music is fantastic and your voice touched me, moved me very much. I listen to your CD often and it brings me great peace and helps me to connect with the Divine".
Anne-Marie Boudou --- from 5 Rhythms retreat workshop with Alluna, Brittany 2012/2013.