My journey with music began at the age of 10 when I took up the piano. I then went on to sing in my local church choir as a boy treble. This gave me an opportunity to sing in awe-inspiring buildings such as Westminster Abbey and York Minster, which had a profound impact on me spiritually.

My musical training continued throughout my childhood and I went on to study a music degree at Colchester where free composition and performance were my main options. During my life as a student I became interested in meditation and personal development and this began to feed into my everyday life, forcing me to face up to the reality that the classical music world was not for me.

I moved up to Scotland and became interested in using music and sound as a source for healing. Then, after a two-year period of travelling around the world, living in community, and exploring the freedom of improvisation and street performance, I realised I needed more structure in my life.

This led me to working with Chloe Goodchild. Chloe showed me a very powerful and groundbreaking way of working with the voice. I have studied with her for eleven years and I am an accredited Naked Voice Introductory Teacher. This work has enabled me to access depths within me I never knew existed and has also given me essential tools for my own nourishment. I am exploring studio recording to deepen and expand my creative journey with voice and music which will enhance and expand my input into Madrum.

I have been teaching voice for many years and work with people from all walks of life: children, people with learning disabilities, those in physical pain, and cancer patients.

Madrum's sound is constantly evolving and we hope to keep challenging ourselves, and our audience, as we continue on this journey of sound and rhythm.

PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY --- Lawrence Kelson

I began drumming at the age of eleven and this was the start of a lifelong interest in the myriad of possibility inherent in rhythm. My early passion was informed by the precision, artistry and excitement of the american competitive drum corps movement. 

I work intuitively using a combination of drums and percussion collected over the years, as well as sequencers and sample libraries. I would cite the work of Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, and, more recently, Steve Reich as influencing and broadening my appreciation of percussive based music. Recent travels inside Morocco have exposed me to new and interesting approaches to writing and playing.

I studied at Chelsea School of Art, which proved to be a pivotal learning experience. The artistic freedom this offered triggered a process whereby I began to see, think and feel for myself and my creative imagination and expression took on a deeper relevance. It was to be some 15 years later when my creative impulses would finally begin to sound their expression through the formation of this project.