Madrum is the creative partnership of Gavin Frank and Lawrence Kelson. They draw their inspiration from various musical traditions and use sound and rhythm as a vehicle for authentic expression. They have produced two albums available in CD or digital format from this website. Their use of voice, Indian harmonium, guitars, keyboard and sequencers, and a wide range of percussion instruments reflects their interest in multi cultural styles of music.

They met in 2001 when they were invited to collaborate on a project with two contemporary dancers. It quickly became apparent that they had a deeper musical conversation to explore and so the Madrum project began. Over many months, with just voice, harmonium, and percussion, they explored the spontaneity of improvisation and began to experience a deeper quality of listening. As well as recording and performing Madrum have worked extensively with movement practitioners in the UK and Europe for workshops and retreats. Similar work in Morocco inspired much of their second album, Marrakech.

In recent years both members have been pursuing solo projects which you can also follow here. However, in 2020 after a break of 7 years, they began working collaboratively on their third studio album due for release in July 2023.

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London, May 2023